How to make a Sia address

At some point, you'll need to receive Siacoins. You might be sending them over from an exchange wallet, another Sia wallet you own, or requesting Siacoins from a friend. No matter the reason, it's easy to generate an address in your Sia-UI wallet to receive Siacoins.

You can also receive Siafunds using one of these addresses. Siacoins and Siafunds can be sent to any address generated by Sia.

Go to the Wallet in Sia-UI. Click on the Receive tab.

Click Generate New Address to create a new Siacoin address.

Copy and paste this manually, or use the Copy button to the right to make sure you get the full address without any extra spaces.

Clicking Generate New Address again will move the Latest Address down a step, and create a brand new Siacoin address for you to use.

Once you receive Siacoins, you'll see a history in the Transactions tab. You'll see 0/6, then 1/6, and so on. This indicates how many blocks have passed since the transaction has been processed. At six confirmations, we deem the transaction to be fully confirmed and will show a green checkmark.

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