How to send Siacoins

Whether you're sending Siacoins to an exchange or a friend, it's easy and can be done right from the app.

Go to the Wallet in Sia-UI. If you're asked to unlock the wallet, use either your seed or a custom password if you've set one.

Setup your transaction

Click on the Send tab. Enter the recipient's wallet address and the amount of Siacoins you want to send. Make sure that you've entered a Siacoin wallet address, and that you've entered it correctly.

Siacoins sent to mistyped addresses, or addresses of other types of cryptocurrency can not be retrieved.

Click Generate Transaction.

Verify your info

Next, you need to verify everything. You'll have a chance to double-check the currency, amount, and recipient address. Sia-UI will also show you estimated network fees.

Click back to change something. If it's all good, click Broadcast.

Check the status

You'll immediately get a confirmation.

And you'll see a small tag appear under your balance to let you know the transaction is on its way, but hasn't yet appeared in a block.

Once it's in a block, you can go back to your Transactions history to see its status.

It might take a minute or two for the transaction to pop up in the Transactions list.

Did you know?

You can also send Siafunds by using the dropdown next to Siacoin. This option won't be selectable unless you also have some in your wallet. Learn about Siafunds.

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