Why does Sia-UI give me a new address each time I click Receive Siacoin?

Address reuse is a security and privacy issue in the crypto space, affecting any blockchain project that uses addresses. You can read more about it here. In short, with a combination of address reuse and social engineering, a malicious party could identify you and how much cryptocurrency you hold.

How it relates to your Siacoin wallet

When it comes to your Siacoin addresses, we try to avoid address reuse whenever possible. The Sia network is a blockchain project just like Bitcoin, and – in a worst-case scenario – your privacy could be compromised with address reuse. Sia-UI will create a new receiving address whenever you clickGenerate New Address. This is intentional.

What about those old addresses I made?

Your old addresses still work! Every address generated by Sia will always link to your wallet. You can re-use previous addresses if your risk tolerance is higher than the risk created by doing it.

How risky is it, really?

It can vary, and you should learn more about address reuse before making a decision. But most people seriously involved in the crypto space will tell you to err on the side of caution, and re-use addresses as little as possible.

How do I find my old addresses?

To find a list of all addresses linked to your wallet, go to the Terminal tab and type:

wallet addresses

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