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Configuring your Host

Setting up your host on Sia also involves configuring essential parameters such as storage, bandwidth, and other critical variables. These configurations are vital to maintaining your host's health, ensuring it can effectively provide storage services to renters, and determining how much you earn from hosting.
Go to hostd. If you're asked to unlock the UI, use your custom password if you've set one. If you haven't got a wallet set up hostd, visit our Setting up hostd guide; otherwise, choose from the sidebar Configuration.


Accepting contracts

The Accepting Contracts setting determines whether your host will accept new contracts. Most hosts will always have this toggled on. However, if you want to exit the network, you can toggle this off to stop accepting new contracts. You must still fulfill any existing contracts before entirely shutting down your host.


Setting the host's network Address is essential because it's published to the blockchain and used by renters to connect to your host. Some users use their public IP address, but we recommend setting up a domain.
You have several options for setting up Dynamic DNS. We recommend utilizing straightforward, no-cost services like DuckDNS or Cloudflare. Additionally, you can choose to purchase a custom domain from a registrar.
Alternatively, you can set up a public IP address by clicking here, which will display the public IP address that you can then copy to your clipboard.
Enter your address followed by your host's RHP2 port (which defaults to :9982).
For example:
  • If your IP address is you would enter
  • If your domain is, you would enter
In the DNS section of the host configuration, remember also to enable your chosen Dynamic DNS Provider if you opted for this option.


The prices you select will determine how much you earn from hosting.
When setting your prices, you are in direct competition with other hosts. Should your prices be excessively high, renters may opt for alternative hosts. Conversely, if your prices are exceedingly low, you may not generate sufficient earnings to offset your operational expenses.
Hosts are encouraged to explore various pricing options and adjust as needed to achieve the optimal balance between earnings and utilization. Nevertheless, we have provided the pricing recommendations table below for guidance.
Please be aware that these recommendations are only suggestions, and you can modify your pricing anytime.
Recommended Value
Storage price
The amount of Siacoins you charge per TB per month of storage.
$1 USD per TB per month
Egress price
The amount of Siacoins you charge per TB of data downloaded from your host.
>$5.00 USD per TB
Ingress price
The amount of Siacoins you charge per TB of data uploaded to your host
Between $0.00 - $0.05 USD per TB
Collateral Multiplier
The amount of Siacoins you lock per TB per month of storage
Maximum collateral
The maximum amount of Siacoins you will lock into a single contract for collateral.
(Storage Price * Collateral Multiple) * 10
Contract price
The base price to form or renew a contract with the host.
0.2 SC
Base RPC price
The price to execute an RPC. Its added to any additional costs from the RPC.
1 SC/Million
Sector access price
The base price to read a sector from a disk. It's added to any other costs from the host.
1 SC/Million
Price table validity
The length of time a renter's registered price table remains valid.
30 Minutes
Click the Save Changes button in the top right corner of the page.

Waiting for sync

Now that you have configured your host, you must wait for your host to finish syncing the blockchain. You can check the sync progress by mousing over the Sia logo at the top of the sidebar.
Checking the status of hostd syncing to the blockchain
Blockchain syncing can take several hours or even days, depending on your hardware and internet connection. Make sure to have a stable internet connection to ensure your changes are made to your host.