Your Sia Wallet

The Sia Wallet is the official cryptocurrency wallet designed exclusively for Siacoins (SC). This secure and user-friendly platform allows you to store, send, receive, and manage your Siacoin holdings.
While renterd and hostd have their respective Sia Wallets, it's important to highlight walletd as Sia's primary solution for securing your Siacoins. With walletd seamlessly integrated into the Sia network and ecosystem, it makes it the inclusive choice for managing your Siacoins.
Utilizing walletd prioritizes user convenience and security within the network, offering an official web application as the ultimate hub for Siacoin management and transactions. Some key features include:
  • Securely send, receive, and store Siacoins and Siafunds.
  • Stay informed by monitoring the blockchain for events relevant to specific addresses.
  • Easily track your wallet balance and transaction history.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Ledger hardware wallets.
Whether you prefer the command-line interface's flexibility or the web-based interface's ease of use, walletd ensures top-notch Siacoin management and security. Discover the best-in-class Siacoin management and protection with walletd, the official wallet solution developed by the creators of the Sia network.

Getting Started with walletd

Start storing your Siacoins on Sia by downloading the official walletd software and exploring our step-by-step Setting up walletd guide.