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Zen Testnet

The Sia Foundation has made a test environment available for users wishing to test hardforks, software developments, and integration within the Sia ecosystem via the Zen Testnet.
The Zen Testnet offers a secure environment to experiment with renterd, hostd, and walletdand explore the capabilities of Siacoin without the risk of losing real Siacoins, but also with no real-world value.

Running testnet

Running the testnet version for our software is similar to running it on the mainnet and follows the exact instructions for setting up renterd, hostd and walletd.
Please ensure that you have downloaded the testnet binary for eitherrenterd, hostd or walletd compatible with your operating system from our official website.

Funding your testnet address

With the availability of zSC, the Zen Testnet faucet provides a convenient way to acquire zSC by simply providing your Sia wallet's address.
Once on the page, enter a Sia wallet address of either renterd, hostd, or walletd , then enter the amount of Zen Siacoins (zSC) you wish to fund that address with.
Zen Testnet Faucet funding
It might take a minute or two for your wallet to be funded and for the transaction to appear in its transactions list.

Block Explorer

Our web-based block explorer and analytics tool is tailored for the Sia network. This comprehensive platform offers users a wide range of insights into the intricacies of the Siacoin network.
Visit SiaScan Zen, our block explorer, to gain valuable insights into the testnet's activity, view transaction history, and monitor block confirmations.
Siascan Zen